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Liquid vs creamy honey

The consistency of honey is affected by the sugars in the nectar that the bees gather.

Honey consists of many different sugars, mainly fructose and glucose.

These sugars have different crystallization properties. Some do not crystallize at all (fructose), while for example glucose can crystallize very quickly.

If the honey is allowed to crystallize uncontrolled, large and coarse crystals will form in the honey and we can see and feel the crystals. We will have a different experience of the honey when we eat it.

In many countries, it is a sign of quality that the honey grains, and they do not have the habit of "controlling the crystallization" to a creamy consistency as we do in Norway.

Temperature important

The formation of the glucose crystals depends on several conditions. Among other things, temperature is an important factor. The lower the temperature, the faster the crystallization process. We therefore recommend storing liquid honey in a warm place, for example near the stove/hob. Liquid honey can also be put in the freezer to delay the process.

If the honey becomes grainy, it can be melted in a water bath or in the oven at 37-40°C.

The ratio between fructose and glucose is decisive

The ratio between the amount of glucose and fructose also helps to influence the crystallization process.If there is more glucose than fructose, the honey will crystallize spontaneously. If there is more fructose than glucose, the honey stays liquid.

Acacia honey will be able to stay liquid for many years due to the high fructose content in the nectar of the acacia flower.

In most cases, Norwegian honey will crystallize spontaneously due to the natural composition of sugars in the nectar of the Norwegian flora (more glucose than fructose). Of Norwegian honey, it is mainly only bell heather and blueberry heather honey that remains liquid over time.
We create creamy, finely crystallized honey

Straight crystallization" gives a smooth and good consistency and is an important sign of quality. We "stir" the honey under controlled conditions. We carefully monitor and control the crystallization process so that we create finely crystallized honey with a velvety, smooth and creamy consistency.

Honey, whatever its consistency, is stable for many years!

Want to try this year's fresh honey that also goes into the products? You can find information about it in the online store. *Note: We do not ship - must be picked up at drop-off locations or purchased from selected retailers such as e.g. Sunkost in Drammen.

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