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Customer reviews

Thank you very much for all the feedback!

Below you will find statements from some of our  customers.
If you have any questions - don't hesitate to contact us today!

Ulrika Risan
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Ellen Melander
Kamilla Hill
Janicke Skatvold
Anders Hahne_4719
Kathrine Møller
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I am a 49-year-old man who has a sensitive skin type - especially on the face. Have tried a number of different products, but have not experienced stable and healthy skin over time. A couple of months ago I tried Beeki facial oil for the first time and got positive results after a few days of use. If on a longer trip abroad when I forgot the product at home, I used a face oil from a well-reputed brand, and again - after a few days of use, I again experienced unstable skin (in the form of impure, red-flared skin). After resuming the Beeki facial oil, I have regained much better skin with far fewer "problems" as described.If you have challenges à la what I describe here, I would highly recommend the product. It is easy to apply, is not sticky or "oily" despite being an oil and has given me positive results in any case. I use this every morning and night.

Eirik, 49 years old

Only natural ingredients, and I have to say it's absolutely amazing 🥰🙏

I tend to react with breakouts to most things I put on my skin or in my body, but this one was amazing!

Eline, Natural Health Choices, naprapat

I love all the oils! You can quickly become addicted to these oils. I wish they came in 1 liter bottles so I could be a bit raw all over my body 😊 I'll probably order again when I've run out.

Bente Eng

We are so happy with BeeKi's oils!

Both the quality of the oils, and that they are made sustainably in every way. 

The skin feels soft and supple, and we love that Tone is so professionally skilled and also concerned that everything should be done properly and with quality in every aspect. She cares that every part of the production is good and sustainable, from her bees to the workers who produce the beautiful linen bags for House of Good People and BeeKi in India. 

Helén and Lars Lødead spill

The skin feels more alive and healthy already after a short period of use. Recommended!! 

BeeKi has somehow managed to integrate the vital qualities from the bees' mysterious millennia-long refinement of honey production. 

Kjetil Ulving-Tufte, 43 years old

I am absolutely in love with the oil and use it every morning and every night. 

It feels silky smooth and spreads and absorbs quickly into the skin. I get softer and smoother skin and the pores are smaller. It's with me everywhere. 

The smell is soft like velvet and incredibly pleasant. I become calm in my mind and in my heart 🥰

I'm not going back to my usual creams after this one 🙌

Ellen, age 52 (about Sacred Glow)


I feel that the skin is much more "nourished" than before, and I don't struggle so much with dryness.

Fine lines are softened and pores are less visible. The products are easy to apply and leave the skin supple and "saturated" without it becoming greasy or dry throughout the day. Consistency and limited smell suit me well. The products are natural and give a good feeling of cleanliness and nourishment. I have found products that I will definitely continue with.

Janicke, 48 (about Sacred Glow)

Love the oil from BeeKi and use it on the face both morning and night.

A delicious and pleasant fragrance that enhances the feeling of well-being and the naturalness of the oil. It absorbs well and makes the skin soft and gives it a glow. Feels like I'm taking extra good care of myself when I wear it. Delicious natural luxury every day❤️»

Jeanette, 46year (about Sacred Glow)

I am interested in clean skin products that have as few additives as possible.

Beeki's skin products are from a local producer whose heart is in the right place. I've been using them for at least a year and you only need a few drops in your hand to cover your entire face. I find them very boring and I also use them on the lips.

Vibeke Aune, 62 years old

I'm addicted - I feel naked without it! 

Never have I had such delicious products - my skin is so soft, and my deep wrinkles look weaker. I have used 11.11 Vitality on my scalp and it helps with itching and dryness. 

Kari, 75 years old

I love the oils, they are magical!

I, who have dry and irritated skin, now have silky smooth skin like a baby's bottom. Pleasant smell too.

Hulda, 77 years old

This is treasure from nature❤️

I love the oils, best skin care I've had! After I started using the BeeKi oils, my skin is never dry anymore. 

Rarely have I had such an exclusive feeling when I take care of my face with daily moisture and protection 💕❤️ actually haven't experienced the likes of skin care❤️ It feels like therapy, gives a calm and holy moment in the mind ❤️

Kamilla, 48, naturopathic therapist

Love the products!
The oils absorb well and I find that they add a lot of moisture. Now in the winter my skin gets really dry, but now my skin is soft and moist. I use the oil in the evening and love the feeling of spreading it on the skin, both on the face and on the neck. I like that they are slightly scented because it gives an extra feeling when using! 11.11 Vitality is my favourite. I feel that it gives me nourishment, peace and clarity. After being in the sun too much, I feel that it calms down the skin too.


The oils are without a doubt the best skincare I've used!

I've been using Sacred for a while now and it's truly amazing.

Best skin care I've ever used and I've tried quite a few. I'm not fooled either, this is really good!! The skin is glowing, it's soft, and possible imagination..., but I think pores are smaller in size.

The scent is absolutely beautiful! 

I love the products, the feel, the scents and yes, it has given me great pleasure to put them on every time. I have enjoyed your products more than I usually do.

I wish you the best of luck and can only imagine that anyone who tries this will become addicted to BeeKi! Be beautiful inside and out with the good products.

Kathrine, 49, nurse and family therapist

The Sacred Glow oil has become a favorite under the soles of the feet before bedtime.

I have been troubled with restless sleep, but now I sleep through the night. I rub the oil firmly under my feet and on my toes every night, it supports sleep for me. Now I have used it on my face too. I'm radiant the next day :) The scent contributes to a positive experience.

Ragni, 48, gardener

Absolutely beautiful products.

Finally, I have found a product that gives my skin enough moisture - without being sticky. Before, I smeared myself with oils and fatty creams several times a day. Now I only apply in the morning, and the skin stays soft all day, in fact until the next morning. Now in the winter I tend to get dry hands, but now that I use the oils as a hand cream my skin is soft and nice.

Lise, 40 years old

The oils are great, I use them every day.

I'm very sensitive to smells, but I love these! Lovely products, and fantastic mix.

Inger Mette, 58, photographer

I use the oils regularly every day. 

The Sacred Glow facial oil is light and fine in consistency, and gives a nice glow without being "greasy". Digg it! All in all, a top product that I would like to use more of.

Naleen, 26, psychologist

I think the skin on my face becomes wonderfully soft and gets a glow of its own when I use the Sacred Glow oil.

11.11 I have started using Vitality as a 'night oil' - I really like the smell.

Ingunn,  54 years old, HSE advisor

I love the oils!

They are so comfortable to apply and they give an immediate nourishing and moisturizing feeling, without leaving a greasy finish. The skin care routine has become something I look forward to! First because it is so pleasant both with texture and fragrance at the same time as it feels so right for the skin and then because it is such a simple and quick routine, with only one product after cleaning 🤩 I love the feeling of "all-in-one"; day, night, serum, peeling, hair and body! Practical in the bathroom and not least when travelling! The "body oil" keeps the skin soft and supple all day! 

Ingvill, 57, copywriter

I use your oils every day and love them!

I use the saffron oil on my face every day. First a deep breath where I smell the oil. I feel I lead on gold, light, warmth and pleasure. A mild and good fragrance. I use the 11.11 Vitality oil on the rest of my body and in my hair. It feels as if the hair becomes softer and stronger. 

Kirsti, 42 years old

The first thing I notice is the scent, mild, natural, absolutely lovely.

The oil is easy to spread on the face, one pump is enough, it absorbs quickly into the skin and gives me exactly what my skin needs. The skin is well saturated with moisture  and feels soft  and fresh. It can both be felt and felt that the content is only based on natural substances. 

Anne, 47 years old

BeeKi's Sacred Glow oil is my new favorite.

I use this every night. It is perfect now in autumn/winter when my skin is extra sensitive and dry. I wake up with healthy and soft skin every morning. The oil is easy to apply and absorbs quickly. In addition, the scent is absolutely beautiful and gives me the feeling of being at a spa :)

Grethe Helen, 45, pharmacist

It feels good on the skin, and the smell is good.

My skin tends to turn gray in the winter, but Sacred Glow gives me color.

Rune, 60 years old, musician

11.11 Vitality oil works wonders for the body.

I have incredibly dry skin, especially on my feet. The old dancing feet are beginning to soften.

Anne Kristine Tischendorf

I just love the BeeKi oils!

The smell makes me happy every morning. It is so warm and good. Need to refill soon. Can't bear the thought of running out.

Hedda, hotel owner


Sore lips are lubricated with 11.11 Vitality for mother and son.

Also works well on eczema, almost gone overnight according to Katja, 17 years old.

Hilde, 47, medical director


I've tried both oils - and have happy skin after having a severe allergic reaction a couple of weeks ago.

Feels and looks completely different. The skin breathes again if that makes sense. 

Cecilie, doctor

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