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About Tone

Tone is a pharmacist, has a doctorate in the immune system and a long and broad experience in research and development of pharmaceuticals. Tone's interest and fascination with bees was created when she discovered the many health-promoting effects of bees' many products.

In 2021, she quit her dream job as clinical research director to do what she really wanted to do;

namely to be beekeepers and develop healthy and unique skin care products of high quality.

All products have ingredients/life force from our own bees.

IMG_7854 2

Tone is both a product developer, producer and beekeeper. She makes all the products by hand,

in small batches in our own laboratory in Asker (small batches ensure "fresh" products). 

She is concerned with healthy and natural skin care, and is very conscious in her choice of ingredients; in addition to functionality, she seeks organic, ethical and sustainable. 

In the summer, Tone is a beekeeper. By looking after the bees and extracting the ingredients for the skin care products herself, she has full control over the quality and knows that the bees are in the best possible condition. Tone is concerned with the health and well-being of bees, and runs beekeeping in harmony with his bees.

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