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Below you will find a number of frequently asked questions. The answers have been prepared by dermatologist Emilie Hestnes together with Tone.

If you cannot find the information you are looking for - please contact us!

How do I use the BeeKi oils?

For best absorption, please apply the product after showering and/or cleansing the skin while the skin is still slightly moisturised. You can also lubricate the skin throughout the day if you wish. The oils can be used with advantage both in the morning and in the evening. BeeKi oils can be used all over the face, neck, chest, lips and around the eyes.


Why use skin oils?

Regardless of skin type, the skin needs a supply of essential fatty acids (eg omega-3 and 6) because they are not produced by the body. For best skin health, applying directly to the skin is better than eating fat because fatty acids tend to oxidize in the liver before reaching the skin. By using skin oils regularly, you can get a strengthened skin barrier and keep the skin in a healthy state. A damaged/unhealthy skin barrier is a cause of dry and sensitive skin. By applying oils, the skin receives nourishment and fatty acids, and the skin's aging process can be reversed. A protective layer is formed which helps the skin retain moisture. read morehere.

Who should use skin oils?

It is easy to think that only those with dry skin should use skin oils, but that is not true. Oils should be used by everyone, and are suitable for all skin types, including oily skin, acne-prone skin and irritated skin. If the skin does not receive enough moisture and oil from products, it can produce extra sebum. 

Choosing the type of oil is essential. Oils have a varying content of, among other things, antioxidants, types of fatty acids as well as natural anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Some oils tend to clog pores (eg cocoa butter and coconut oil), while other oils with a small molecular size can penetrate deep into the skin and supply nutrients and fatty acids without clogging the pores (eg mullet seed and rosehip oil). 

BeeKi face oils penetrate deep skin layers and add nourishment, without clogging the pores. The skin oils are suitable for all skin types, including sensitive, combination, mature and dehydrated skin. BeeKi skin oils are suitable for the whole family, including children.

I have very dry skin, can I combine the BeeKi oils with other products?

BeeKi skin oils are effective in preventing water loss from the skin (Transepidermal water loss). If you have very dry skin, BeeKi skin oils may not be sufficient on their own because the water content of your skin is already too low. Then you can benefit from adding a product that actively binds water in your skin, eg hyaluronic acid and/or propanediol.

Can I use BeeKi oil instead of eye cream?

BeeKi facial oils can be safely used around the eyes (contains only 0.1% essential oils). Avoid applying the oil too close to the eyes as oil "moves" (if you get oil too close to the eyes it can cause "blurred vision"). Apply the oil to the leg under and above the eyes and pat gently.

Can I combine BeeKi oil with other products?

Yes. Imagine BeeKi oil as your day cream and/or night cream. The BeeKi oils work well with other skin care products. We recommend applying a water-based serum (e.g. hyaluronic acid or vitamin C).under the facial oil. If you want to use a sunscreen for extra protection, or a foundation, it is welcomeafter The BeeKi oil has absorbed into the skin (1-2 min).  

If you use products that add essential nutrition and moisture to the skin, this alone will solve many skin challenges and counteract signs of ageing. To achieve fast and good results when using products with e.g. retinol, it is important to have a healthy and strong skin barrier that is well moisturised. Moisture is the key to problem-free skin! 


How do I clean my skin in the best way?

Daily facial cleansing is important to remove dirt and grime. Feel free to clean the skin with a cleansing product adapted to your needs and skin condition that thoroughly removes make-up and impurities on the skin. A good cleansing of the skin will give better penetration and experience of the BeeKi oils. Feel free to choose a product that has the same pH value as the skin's natural pH value (approx. 5.5) and use lukewarm water. Water alone is often not "good enough". Preferably avoid make-up wipes.

What should I consider when choosing other skin care products?

The most important thing is that you choose products that are adapted to your everyday life, skin condition and needs. Feel free to choose natural and organic products. Avoid dyes, perfumes and other allergenic ingredients. 


How long does a bottle of BeeKi oil last?

If you use one pump daily, a 30ml bottle will last over 5 months. If you use 2 pumps daily, 30ml lasts for approx. 2.5-3 months. If you choose a facial oil of 50ml, this will last for 4-5 months if you use 2 pumps daily. 


How long does it take before I get an effect on the skin?

You will immediately notice an effect in that the skin feels soft, nourished and supple. With regular application, the skin will feel less tight and more naturally moisturised. Many customers experience an improvement in their skin after a few days. More profound results can be felt after about 4 weeks, which is the time it takes for the skin's surface to renew itself. 

Can the products be used on sensitive skin and children? 

Yes. All products have been assessed as safe for sensitive skin, also for children* (Cosmetic Product Safety Report developed by KIWA Kompetanse AS).

Our ingredients are carefully selected - we only use ingredients that are healthy for the skin. We do not use perfume or dyes.

We use a maximum of 0.1% essential oils. Some essential oils contain allergens, these are listed in the ingredient list.  

*When you start with new skin care products, we always recommend that you start by testing a small area on the skin.


Can BeeKi oils be used as a cold cream?

The oils work well as a so-called cold cream as they are free of water and provide a natural protective layer on the skin.

Can I use BeeKi oils in the sun?

Yes, you can do that to your advantage. We are careful in the selection of ingredients and have formulated products that protect your skin from environmental factors, including the sun (antioxidants). Our facial oils give the skin a natural protective layer. They act regenerating and have anti-inflammatory properties. If you want to use a sunscreen for extra protection, it is best to apply it after the BeeKi oil has absorbed into the skin (1-2 min). 

What is the shelf life of BeeKi oils?

BeeKi oils are stable 12 months after opening. We produce in small batches to ensure fresh products.

Are the products from BeeKi tested on animals?

No. None of our products are tested on animals. 

Do you use essential oils in the products?

We are selective in our choice of essential oils - for the good of you and the planet. We focus on sustainability and use e.g. Australian sandalwood instead of the endangered Indian sandalwood.

We use a maximum of 0.1% essential oils so that the products can be safely used around the eyes and on the lips. Allergens are naturally occurring in several essential oils. These are listed in the ingredient list of the product. Since we use such low concentrations, the products are considered safe for sensitive skin and children.

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